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Privacy Policy

Privacy policy

The e-shop “AROMINGPLUS” ( ) processes personal data of visitors, registered users and customers for the purposes of production, advertising, sale and delivery of goods, as well as for additional activities related to them.

Administrator of the personal data (“The Administrator”) processed by the e-shop “ AROMINGPLUS ” www. aromingplus .bg) is ========     

The Data Protection Officer of the Administrator will answer your questions regarding the processing and protection of personal data by the Administrator at and tel .: 088 9 977 937 .  

The types of personal data we process

We process the following data on a contractual basis, on the basis of a legitimate interest and on a legal basis, in accordance with local and Union law:

1. Data about your account in the e-shop "AROMINGPLUS" , which is created for you after entering into an informal contract with the Administrator, accepting the General Terms of Use of the website and e-shop "AROMINGPLUS" - , ”): 

  • Personal and family name;
  • E-mail address;
  • Password;

You can change and delete this data at any time from your account. 

. Data for online order through the online store "AROMINGPLUS" ( ) made by you, concluding an informal contract at a distance with the Administrator upon confirmation of the General Terms:  

  • Personal and surname of the delivery person;
  •  Delivery address - country, city, postal code, address;
  • Delivery phone;
  •  Invoice data - names, phone, city, country, postal code, address;
  • Way of delivery;
  • Method of payment;
  •  Order number;
  • Payment amount;
  • Payment status;
  •  Delivery status;
  • Order note

3. Data from an order by phone, confirmed by you electronically concluding an informal distance contract with the Administrator upon confirmation of the General Terms and Conditions: 

  • Personal and surname of the delivery person;
  • Delivery address - country, city, postal code, address;
  •  Delivery phone;
  • Invoice data - names, phone, city, country, postal code, address;
  • Way of delivery;
  • Method of payment;
  • Order number;
  • Payment amount;
  • Payment status;
  • Delivery status;
  • Order note.

 When you place an order for goods store "AROMINGPLUS" ( ) by phone, we accept your order, send an electronic copy to Your email and orders after you confirm your order by e le ktronen time agreeing to this Privacy Policy and the General Terms and Conditions.

 4. Data of subscribers of the bulletin of “AROMINGPLUS” ( aromingplus .bg) , confirmed by you electronically.  

·       E-mail (e-mail address)

We do not send unsolicited commercial messages.

We inform about new goods, promotions, discounts, and other news and events only subscribers who have requested and confirmed their request (their subscription) electronically.

5. Contact details and sent message or published comment, provided when filling in the contact form of the e-shop "AROMINGPLUS" ( ) or when sending to us by e-mail, conventional mail, telegram, fax, phone call, sending SMS, posting a comment in the store and other forms of communication and / or expression: 

  • Name and surname
  • E-mail address
  • Phone

You may withdraw any of the consents provided above through your account settings or in the form and manner prescribed in this Policy. Upon withdrawal of the consent, the processing of the respective type of personal data for the specified purposes shall be suspended. Withdrawal of consent shall be without prejudice to the lawfulness of the processing based on a consent prior to its withdrawal.

Purposes of personal data processing

We use your personal data for one, several or all purposes:

  • To send a response to a request;
  • For management and execution of your orders and their delivery;
  • Validation of data when logging in to your account;
  • To provide support in the event of technical malfunctions, informing customers or in connection with complaints, tracking deliveries, payments and other operations related to customer and customer service;
  • To send messages by e-mail (newsletter), with the explicit, confirmed consent of you;
  • To comply with the provisions of the laws, court decisions, legal orders and decisions of the authorities and supervisory authorities. This includes using your personal data to collect and verify accounting data and comply with accounting policies;
  • Fulfillment of the obligation for reporting of the Administrator by recording legally significant certifying data in electronic protocols - technical logs;

Third parties with access to personal data, in connection with their activities and services provided jointly with Aromingplus

In connection with our activities we use the services of third parties with whom we have contracted an object which are protecting the data , necessary for the implementation of the service. Such are, for example, the courier companies with which we deliver your orders; accounting firms; law firms and others. Public authorities and institutions in connection with their inspections in accordance with legal requirements and restrictions also have the right to request access to your personal data. With regard to private entities, we require and monitor these third parties to apply all technical and organizational measures to protect this data. 
The data are processed for the following terms

We store and process your data in accordance with the law as follows:
Account data - Account data is related to and identifies with the data for online orders, which determines the application of the deadline set in connection with them. Data for online orders - until the expiration of 5 years from the date of the specific order. The term is determined on the basis of the statute of limitations for repayment of receivables. Data in connection with the collection and verification of accounting data and compliance with accounting - accounting records and financial statements, including documents for tax control, audit and subsequent financial inspections are stored for 10 years from 1 January of the reporting period following the reporting period, for which refer; all other carriers of accounting information - three years, starting from January 1 of the reporting period following the reporting period to which they refer; 

Your rights in relation to your personal data

1. Right of access, including the right to a copy of the data being processed:
You have the right at any time to request information about your personal data that we store. You can contact us and based on a written request and verification of your identity, the data will be provided to you;

2. Right to correct inaccurate personal data
You have the right to request correction of your personal data if it is incorrect, including the addition of incomplete personal data. You can do this yourself through your account at or by contacting us with a written request, after proper verification of your identity.    

3. Right to limit processing where: 

  • the accuracy of the data is disputed, for the period in which their accuracy must be checked; or
  • the processing of the data has no legal basis, but instead of deleting them, you want their limited processing;  or 
  • if necessary, the data for the establishment, exercise or protection of your legal claims; or
  • an objection has been filed for the processing of the data, pending verification that the grounds of the controller are lawful

In the event of a correction, deletion or restriction of processing, we will notify any recipient to whom the personal data have been disclosed, unless this is impossible or requires a disproportionate effort.

4. Right to machine-readable data portability, according to which:

We provide the data directly to you or at your request and technical possibility the data is provided to another administrator of your choice;

5. Right to object to processing on the basis of a legitimate interest:

You have the right to object to the processing of your personal data based on the legitimate interest of the Administrator or a third party. The controller will not continue to process your personal data unless it is proven that there are compelling legal grounds for this that take precedence over your interests and rights or due to litigation and other procedural and non-procedural actions.

6. Right to object to direct marketing:

You have the right to object to the receipt of marketing messages, including profiling and analysis for direct marketing purposes.

You can unsubscribe from the newsletter yourself without notifying us by clicking on the "Terminate" link in an email you have received from us.

7. Right to be deleted ("Right to be forgotten")

You have the right to delete your personal data in the following cases:

  •  Elimination of the need for processing;
  • Withdrawal of consent when processing is based on consent;
  • Illegal data processing;
  •  Legal obligation to delete;

The right to be forgotten is not an absolute right and may not be respected in cases provided by law or due to lack of proper authentication of your identity.

8. Right of appeal to a supervisory authority

In case of concerns that your personal data is processed illegally, you can file a complaint to the National Data Protection Supervisor - Commission for Personal Data Protection in Sofia, Prof. Tsvetan Lazarov ”№ 2, with e-mail address: and website:;
All these rights can be exercised by submitting a written application to us Administrator in free form, including by email.
The term for consideration of the application is one month, as of the date of receipt of the application.

Methods used for automated individual decision making, including profiling

We do not use automated algorithms and / or profiling for automated individual decision making.


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 In addition to the above, we make the following clarifications about the types of cookies used on our site. When visiting the site you have the opportunity to refuse the use of one, several or all types of cookies and the provision of data collected with them.

Types of cookies: The site uses one or more of the following types of cookies, depending on their degree of need: 

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